XR development

2022    VR physical therapy games for kids with CP

2020    sineAR: augmented reality musical instrument
with Lea Broudo + Sarah Leventhal

2020    iPhone platform game 


     with Kindred and TuftsHRI

HRI2018    VR exoskeleton + humanoid robot


IROS2017    Interaction diffs. w/ humanoid robots

2018    Kindred Sort: Robotics Product Manager

2018    Grasping demo cube

2017    Patent: exosuit teleoperation controller
with Olivia Norton

2017    Discovery Channel: Daily Planet segment


Plantcam    2022 (ongoing)

Generative sunlight tracker    2021


8ft denim pillow    2019

Totes upcycled from scrubs    2019

Bags for Joey + Adrienne     2018
Embroidered denim zip bag for Joey
Reversible cotton bag with embroidered tag for Adrienne


Tufts Burlesque    2016


Lauren    2019

Mackenzie    2020

Emery    2017 

Adrienne    2019

Sam    2019

Calistoga, CA    2019

Ted    2020

Annie    2018

Medford + Somerville, MA    2014-2016

Crosslake, MN    2017

Joshua Tree, CA    2019

Trusty steed: Shasta, CA    2018